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Crate Motor

Chevrolet Performance
Chevrolet Performance 350 / 5.7L Base

Chevrolet Performance har i 50-årstid levererat performance motorer och produkter till bilentusiaster över hela världen. Alla cratemotorer, växellådor och performancedelar är designade, utvecklade och testade av Chevrolet.

New life for your baby!

As part of General Motors, Chevrolet Performance is able to offer a wide and diverse range of crate engines and partial engines beyond our high-performance Small-Block, Big-Block and LS engines. They are based on regular-production engines and make great swap choices for replacing a tired engine, while also enabling creative engine builders to start with an economical production engine and add their preferred power-building accessories.

The engines are generally delivered fully assembled (minus the induction, ignition and starting systems) and each is backed by a 36-month or 100,000-mile/160,000-km warranty when installed in a recommended application.

All new - not remanufactured! The classic 350 is offered here in our most economical Small-Block engine assembly. Designed to replace production engines used from 1973-1985, it features a durable, yet value-driven, short-block assembly and iron cylinder heads with early-style perimeter hold-downs.

Oil Pan / Filter / Adapter / Dipstick:

The 19420194 engine block has provisions for both right-hand and left-hand dipsticks. (not included) The 19420194 engine includes a 4-quart oil pan Part number 10066039 which has the “double bump out” for both dipstick designs. The oil dipstick for the 10067353 engine for the right-hand (passenger) side of the block is 10190942 (indicator) and 12552920 (tube). If not using right-hand dipstick, use plug 9421743 3/8"

The oil dipstick for the 19420194 engine for the left-hand (driver) side of the block is 03951576 (indicator), and 03876870 (upper tube). P/N 03951600 (lower tube) is installed at the factory. If not using left-hand dipstick, use plug 14091563 7/16" to prevent an oil leak. The 19420194 engine assembly does not include an oil filter adapter or oil filter element. The 19420194 uses an AC # PF 454 or PF1218 oil filter


Brand:Chevrolet Performance
Part Number:


Part Type:Crate Engines
Engine Assembly Style:Long block
Crate Engine Cylinder Head Material:Cast iron
Engine Balance:Internal
Intake Manifold Included:No
Cylinder Heads Included:Yes
Carburetor Included:No
Throttle Body Included:No
Distributor Included:No
Oil Pan Included:Yes
Valve Covers Included:Yes
Timing Cover Included:Yes
Water Pump Included:No
Harmonic Balancer Included:No
Flexplate Included:No
Flywheel Included:No
Air Cleaner Included:No
Spark Plugs Included:No
Spark Plug Wires Included:No
Computer Included:No
Wiring Harness Included:No
Rear Main Seal Style:2-piece

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